June 2, 2023

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Get The Look You Want With The Jordan 4

Jordan 4

The Jordan 4 is one of the most popular and iconic sneakers in all of basketball. Originally released in 2001, this take on the “Cav” designed by Christian Louboutin had a considerably longer release than its predecessor, the Jordan 3. It also came with a new colorway, the “Red Moon” which is what you see here. We know you love your Reds and appreciate that one of the coolest Jordans out right now is basically just red suede. The Jordan 4 was an instant classic, but these days it’s hard to find a pair that doesn’t have a few minor differences from the original version. Let’s take a look at how to get that throwback look you want without breaking the bank:

What’s the difference between the Jordan 4 and the original?

The original version of the Jordan 4 debuted in 2001 and was designed by Spike Lee. The shoe was originally released as a part of Lee’s “Summer of Suede” collection. The Jordan 4 was originally released in red, white and blue, but it’s the blue colorway that was most popular. The shoes featured a more distinctively “Cav” pattern on the tongue and on the heel tab compared to the original Jordan 3. The most obvious difference is the colorway though. The original model was made of canvas, while the newer ones are made of red suede. As for the other changes to the shoe, the toe cap is now dramatically longer and the strap that holds the shoe to your foot has been replaced by a “lace” system.

The Jordan 4 is available in four colorways

The Jordan 4 comes in four different colorways: White/Black, Blue/Black, White/Red and White/Blue. The Blue/Black version is the most common and is what you see here. There is also a “Rose Gold” version of these sneakers that comes in a gold sole. The most obvious difference between the two colorways is the colorway. The Red Moon features a much more vibrant red than the original model. The top of the shoe is made from a mesh-like fabric while the bottom is made from a more traditional two-toned leather.

The Jordan 4 is handmade and takes a while to make

The Jordan 4 is actually made using three separate models. The upper is made using traditional methods, while the materials for the insoles and the Vibram sole are created using modern techniques. The materials are sewn together with a special machine that creates the intricate “V”-shaped pattern on the heel and the toe. The part that is handsewn is weighed down with special padding to make it heavier and more durable. The Jordan 4 is then finished with a suede base and comes with a memory-foam insole. The Jordan 4 is then shipped to Jordan Brand and then finally a Jordan Brand employee will complete the final steps to complete the shoe.

How to get the look you want with the Jordan 4

There are a few ways to get the look you want with the Jordan 4. You can head to your local retailer and try on a pair on if they have a fleet of them lined up for pre-order. Alternatively, you can check out our list of the best Jordan 4 retailers below. If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, you can also check out our list of the best Jordan 4 sales and deals.

If you’re not a fan of red, you can try out the “Black/Racing Grey” pair. These shoes feature a black and yellow textile upper with an inset of the same material and a contrasting yellow heel and texturing on the rear of the upper. You can order these online here.

Future Jordans you can expect in 2022

The Jordan 4 is set to be replaced in 2015. We know that many of you are hoping that the shoe will make a comeback in a red/white/blue colorway since those are the most popular pairings. However, the shoe is also part of the Louboutin family, so any color other than red/white/blue would likely be too generic.

It’s worth noting that the Jordan 4 is actually being discontinued in November 2014. Zoom is a long time manufacturer of casual shoes that produces a wide range of sneakers. We expect these shoes to be very popular as they are essentially a low-key variation on the Louboutin design. You can order them online here.

What’s next for the Jordans?

As we head into the all-important second half of the season, it’s worth taking a look back and reflecting on where the brand is today. Over the past decade, the Jordan brand has been synonymous with quality basketball footwear, both on and off the court. Over the next decade, the brand will continue to be led by Melo. Beyond that, we can’t yet speculate but are happy to look back at the progress. That’s been made over the past decade and look forward to the next decade.

Where to buy a pair of the Jordan 4 right now

If you’re looking for a pair of the Jordan 4 right now, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the latest releases right here at Footaction. You can find Jordan 4s from all the leading sneaker retailers including Footaction, Finish Line, Finishline.com and YES. We also have links to all the retailers below:


The Jordan 4 is one of the most celebrated shoes in all of sports. The shoe is a perfect example of a classic design updated for the 21st century. This particular model features a red and white upper, with red midsole and red and white outsoles. The Jordan 4 also comes in a pair of Reduxs that were released in 2013. The original version of the Jordan 4 was a canvas shoe, while the new ones are made of red suede. The shoe is loved by everyone due to its comfort, stability and versatility. You can get your pair at Footaction right now for the best deal online.